Le Futreau - little gem

We recently discovered this little gem of a restaurant, while driving along the Loire river towards Angers on the D751 from Saumur.

From the road it looks a bit non descriptive, but when you get inside it is a nice little place to seat and eat lunch. The image shows the outside terrace which overlooks the Loire river - a nice sunny spot to have a drink and grab a bite to eat.

As we arrived in the middle of January 2017, we sat inside and ordered lunch. Like most places in France, they do a very good lunch for twelve Euros - but unlike most other places, they don't include wine or coffee!

For the starter it was a help yourself job - there was a variety of salads and items such as ham - you can take as much as you like. For the main we had a couple of choices - steak or jambon (boiled and fried ham) with vegetables - we both chose the jambon - very nice. Desert was either cheese or some form of sweet - we both went for the cheese - which again was very good - would have been nice to have some form of blue cheese.





Comment by Alan

Loved this place!